Listing is for a single 5.6mm M140 445nm diode. 

These are the brand new more powerful M140 diodes from the new M series projectors. These are different than the previous A140 didoes that everyone else is selling by about 30% on average for power output.

Another UPDATE
Now there is a way to tell if you are being sold a low efficiency A series diode or the new higher power M series. Check out this thread. If your diode does not have the dot above the bar code you have bought the lower power 445. This will help those who have possibly been scammed by sellers selling the lower output diode as a 2W diode.

The A140 runs @ 1.25A for best life expectancy and the M140 runs best @ 1.7A for best life expectancy. I suggest a max of 1.8A with appropriate heatsinking. Some of the more efficient of these diodes have peaked as high as 2.7W with a 405-G-2 lens.

Here are some pictures of the guts of this new diode next to the old.

The M140 on the right has a larger die and the base is larger than the A140 on the left.

The A140 has only three wires to carry the current. 

The M140 has four wires giving it the ability to run @ higher currents. 

Now here is how to tell if you have a higher power M140 or a the lower power A140. On the M140 there is a circle above the bar code.

Here is where it started

Extracted the safest way by using a no heat non pin stressing method. A lot of seller will not want to take the time to do this and will just use a soldering iron and this can burn the glue that holds the pins in place. Leading to diminished life of your diode.

Max suggested current is 1.8A to the diode. Don't attempt to connect directly to a battery you must use a current limiting driver. I do offer a boost driver that is capable of driving this diode off a single Li-Ion see my other offerings below.

Diodes are sensitive and should not be run or soldered until pressed in a module/heatsink. laser diodes also are current hungry and should never be run without a current limiting driver. Check my other items below for an appropriate driver.

Diodes are tested to be in working order and packaged in an antistatic bag. Please use ESD precautions and short your driver leads discharging any capacitors before hooking up your driver to the diode.

The Aixiz 405/445 Three Element Glass or the Single Element G-1 lenses are the most commonly used with these diodes in conjunction with a 12mm Aixiz module as the diodes housing.

Here is one of my favorite hosts. The Sirius 1-C

Here is the Pinout for the diode

PIV Plot


If you are looking for a host here are some of the more popular host/heatsink kits that will work with these diodes and if you want something that is not listed in those links that I show in my tutorials below shoot me a message and I can point you in the right direction for them.;)


Here is a list of tutorials I have made and experiments that can help give you ideas for your next project.

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